Gaudi Decor
Gaudi Decor

Gaudi Decor

Manufacturers from Lesnaja 12 corp 7, 142350 IVATSCHOKOVO TSCHEKHOV, Russia
15 years of success on the market

Gaudi Decor brand is designed for European customers and the production is located at Decor LTD plant in Russia which works for 15 years. The products under the brand Europlast have already proved themselves on Russian market . The factory that covers the area of 20,000 m² is the biggest plant in Europe producing architectural decor made of polyurethane foam.

Raw materials and equipment from the best manufacturers DOW CHEMICAL, BAYER, BASF, ABB, CANNON, KRAUSMAFFEI, SIEMENS. The world’s only automatic line for production of architectural decoration made оf polyurethane foam

The Quality control system
Quality control at all stages of production. The plant is certified with ISO 9001