Grove Architects is a small design led practice specialising in high quality residential and mixed use developments. The partnership between the two directors John Grove and Sky Grove, brings together many years of independent experience, both in Australia and the UK. Drawing on this experience, we look to engage with the unique characteristics of every commission, and each client’s requirements. We allow the design to evolve naturally in response to its particular influences of site, brief, programme and budget, to produce an elegant and refined building that is the result of a comprehensive analysis and understanding of function, form, light and space. We believe that for a piece of architecture to be truly successful, it must be respectful of the physical environment and social context within which it exists. Environmentally sensitive design and a sustainability approach to design and construction is fundamental to our work, whether it is through passive design techniques or the incorporation of cutting edge services. Grove Architects has been recognised for the high quality of its work through a number of prestigious awards and publications.
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