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HANDVÄRK is a Danish furniture brand founded by Emil Thorup in 2015. The company is offering beautiful handcrafted furniture in steel, iron, brass, marble and leather. These materials are heavy to work with and we have had to come up with innovative solutions in terms of production, assembling and packaging. Nevertheless, the products are still kept at attractive price levels (£300-£2.500).

HANDVÄRK is a company that really dares to stand out in the crowed. The company is a contrast to the existing furniture industry both in terms of expression and choice of materials. The furniture is not similar to anything else at the market right now. However, the furniture is still very simple and minimalistic (Nordic DNA).

About the designer Emil Thorup:
Emil (32-years-old) is an autodidactic designer and architect, and he is the owner and founder of the furniture brand HANDVÄRK. Since his childhood, Emil has had a huge passion for aesthetics and design. From 2012, alongside his career in the TV-industry, he has been affiliated with the Danish owned award-winning practice LW Design, which has office spaces located in Hong Kong, Sao Paolo & Dubai.

At the moment, HANDVÄRK is exclusively sold in Illums Bolighus in Denmark and Norway. Illums Bolighus is the oldest and most renowned department store in Denmark. But, HANDVÄRK is a fast growing company and we expect to be at several European markets within 12 months.

In our image bank – available at: http://www.handvark.com/pages/imagebank – you will find exclusive pack shots and lifestyle photos. Also, I have attached some pictures and more information in this e-mail.
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