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The company
The company's success story began in 1964, in the tranquil village of Mehring, near Burghausen in rural Upper Bavaria with just two employees. Over the years Hasenkopf has become a pioneer in the processing of innovative materials. Today the Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf is an internationally active industrial manufacturer with a steadily growing team of currently 200 employees. As a specialist supplier Hasenkopf offers a wide range of integrated solutions in wood, Corian, Parapan and other premium materials.
Hasenkopf is still proud of its origins and its roots in traditional craftsmanship, because only a company that applies workmanlike precision and attention to detail to even the most unusual individual order can also offer perfection in its series production and remain flexible with it.

Hasenkopf is an »Industrie-Manufaktur«
Hasenkopf's core competence is perfection in three dimensional processing – from single pieces to series production. It is the ability to produce both custom made unique items and whole series with the same high quality.

Industrie-Manufaktur Hasenkopf
We are craftsmanship. For half a century we have been manufacturing distinctive and unique products and fulfilling our customers' individual requests, however unusual. Hasenkopf sees itself as a manufacturer because the word stands for excellent craftsmanship, reliable quality and tailor-made perfection. Exactly like Hasenkopf.

And we are industry. With a workforce of around 200 and a 20,000m2 production area and the very latest CAD, CAM and CNC facilities, even our series products can offer tailor-made perfection. Hasenkopfs customers can enjoy all the advantages of industrial production, such as fast order processing, efficiency and just-in-time delivery.

Different materials from wood, Corian, Parapan to acrylic
Since 1964 Hasenkopf has been using wood and wood-based materials to manufacture high-quality ready-to-assemble drawer systems. From a selection of over 100 different profiles and a wide variety of designs we manufacture individual solutions for our customers from joinery, carpentry and the wood processing industries. On request we will work together with our partners from all areas of the woodworking trades and industries to realize entire shop-fittings and modular designs.
Corian is the versatile all-rounder among our premium materials. Its outstanding physical properties enable this mineral material to fulfill the highest expectations for aesthetics, functionality, durability and user-friendliness. For reasons of quality we rely on the original from DuPont. Corian can be machined in the conventional way, but our sophisticated processing technology also enables it to be thermally shaped into almost any desired form. Our uncomplicated delivery of ready-to-assemble components made of Parapan makes it easy for shopfitters and furniture manufacturers to fulfill even challenging tasks such as mirror-finishes and high-gloss surfaces. The homogeneous acrylic material is evenly colored right through, does not fade and is available in 20 different colors. We use machining and thermoforming to lend the desired shape to objects and surfaces made of Parapan, bringing color and luster to every facet of daily life.

Close collaboration with renowned designers and architects
Hasenkopf is part of an efficient chain with each link adding value: As partners. Hasenkopf cooperates with craftsmen and artisans such as joiners, shopfitters and exhibition designers and constructors, over the last years, more and more with architects and designers during their project‘s planning and development phase. Hasenkopf is one of the technical leaders in terms of Solid Surface Manufacturing, especially the highend designers obviously appreciate the technical input to their projects and take Hasenkopf as a serious specialist to help bring visions to life!

Hasenkopf has customers from each segment as well as healthcare, hotels, cruiseships, yachtbuilders, joiners working for the residential market, shopfitters, cabinet makers for kitchen and bath etc. Each of them benefits of the experience from the other branches, which they by themselves normally would never get.

The »Design Characters« project
As a specialist supplier of holistic solutions in the area of wood and high quality mineral and acrylic materials we are a partner for internationally known brands, architects and designers.
With the »Design Characters Sequence 01« range Hasenkopf was showing the companies capabilities in the individual production of spectacular items. We have selected well-known designers invited to contribute to the project with their design and asked them to develop their interpretation of different living areas.

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