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Manufacturers from 625173 Fifteenth Sideroad, Melancthon, Canada
Honing Design builds unique, custom, high-end interior and exterior furniture for residential and commercial settings. Whether you’ve chosen from our standard collection, you need a designer to sketch a custom piece, or you want us to build according to specific guidelines you provide, we’re in the business of creating lifetime pieces you’re proud to own.

Attention to Detail

We’re big believers that the details make the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. From one-of-a-kind designs right through to the most durable construction, here at Honing Design we follow a creative, methodical and detail-oriented process. All our furniture is hand made with love and care in our personal shop in Canada where great inspirations come to life. Distinct and original, our creations are marked by the exceptional craftsmanship of an experienced welder and woodworker.

The Personal Touch

For us, it’s not only about the delivery of a great finished product but the experience of its creation. We take the time to learn about your preferences, to understand your needs and to work collaboratively with you to select the perfect piece from our collections to suit a particular living space. Understanding that the furniture in your home is a reflection of who you are, our collections are made for those with unique taste and contemporary style.

Finest Quality – Right to the Core

We work with stainless steel, aluminum, new and reclaimed wood, concrete and natural stone. Transforming raw supplies into completed works of art, Honing Design uses only the highest quality materials from the wood and steel right down to the tiniest details you don’t see including stainless steel screws and fasteners.

Our Dutch Heritage

The Dutch are known for their contribution to the design industry and it’s with great pride that we honour that reputation. Dutch furniture designs have a long-standing tradition of elegance, innovation, function and simplicity. Honing Design combines these very qualities with uniqueness and contemporary style to create memorable, enduring pieces for businesses and individuals.
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