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HWAM A/S is one of Denmark's largest producer of architect-designed wood-burning stoves. For more than 35 years, HWAM has designed and produced modern, high-quality wood-burning stoves with several patented advantages – first under the name, ABC and today under the two brands, HWAM and WIKING.

The company was founded by Vagn Hvam Pedersen. HWAM is based in Hørning, just south of Aarhus, where technology and solid craftsmanship unite. The company has approximately 110 employees and is 100% family-owned and managed. HWAM produces approximately 25,000 wood-burning stoves each year, of which around 80% are exported to clients in all of Europe, with Germany as the principle market.

”When the business is one’s own, and one has himself as entrepreneur built it from the ground up, he acquires a very special feeling for the employees, the business and the products. One must go the extra mile to make things work,” says Vagn Hvam Pedersen.

Collaboration with Known Designers
According to Vagn Hvam Pedersen, one of the reasons for HWAM’s great success is that the wood-burning stoves are both beautiful and functional. Today, a wood-burning stove is something more than just a heat source. For HWAM, design, aesthetics and function are three sides of the same coin, so to speak, and this is the reason behind the company’s more than 35 years of collaboration with visionary architects and designers.
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