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Jadimex, the hardwood wholesaler
Are you looking for a hardwood wholesaler? Or a reliable partner to help you with the realisation of your wood projects? Jadimex specialises in tropical hardwood. We are committed to providing our customers high quality products and assisting them when necessary.

Who is Jadimex, the hardwood wholesaler?
Jadimex, a family-run hardwood wholesale business was established in 1996. As a wood wholesale we specialise in tropical hardwood and other sustainable ecological alternatives. Every day we supply individuals, garden architects and contractors with hardwood that meets the most stringent quality requirements.

Are you looking for a hardwood wholesaler?
Jadimex sees itself as a partner for its customers, providing with the advice and service that they expect from a wood wholesaler. Our central location allows us to deliver anywhere in Belgium and even in our neighbouring countries using our own truck.

Strengths of Jadimex
Tropical hardwood is known for its exceptional durability. When you use these wood species correctly, they can last longer as 25 years in all kinds of weather. In addition, the wood has a magnificent appearance. From Azobe to Padauk, from Thermowood to Ipe, our range includes a variety of options to cater for your specific needs. All wood species have their own specific characteristics, so it is important to choose the appropriate type and use it for the correct applications.
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