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Joran Briand
Joran Briand

Joran Briand

To understand the work of an architect or designer, just collect the direction of its design, it must find its counterpoint, the line of flight. For Joran Briand, is the ocean. It is recognized for its urban inclusions - he created in collaboration with Etienne Vallet immense nets of concrete Mucem and Jean-Bouin Stadium for Rudy Ricciotti - the work of this young designer formed Olivier de Serres and the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris has continually seek the sea, the open sea, the continuous flow of waves breaking. When drawing a stool in burlap for Saintluc is a tether that profile. When he initiates collective exhibition Granite , it contributes a surfboard and inclusions embroidery. Even the prototype of its concrete bench designed to Vinci seems to stretch to swell ... So, inspired by his deep knowledge of the architecture, that Joran Briand always questioned the size of the object. It requires a dialogue creations to a larger scale, that of the structure of the building - space. In parallel with his work, Joran Briand teaches design at the School of Condé and The Blue School .
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