JSL - Material Eléctrico, S.A.
JSL - Material Eléctrico, S.A.

JSL - Material Eléctrico, S.A.

Our philosophy at JSL is that quality is defined by the customer. We recognize that to remain at the forefront of our chosen markets we have, at all times, to be responsive to the needs of the customers who choose our products. We continually conduct market research to enable us to build an informed picture of why our customers buy our products. Talking with specifiers, contractors, installers and architects gives us the ability to generate and bring to the market new products; and discover ways of improving existing lines to make them even more user friendly and reliable.
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JSL - Material Eléctrico, S.A. Queluz
(+351) 21 434 46 70
Rua Mário Castelhano, nº3 - Zona Industrial Queluz de Baixo Apartado 12, Queluz, Portugal