Keoma Italia
Keoma Italia

Keoma Italia

Manufacturers from C.da Jesce Zona Industriale, Matera, Italy
Keoma Italia as born in 1984 with the purpose to make high quality sofas..

Sofas with a particularly careful esthetical look in the projecting time and in the choice of dressing materials and exterior finishing, thanks to our constantly attention to fashion which bring us to the final realization of each sofa trying to give it the highest quality standards concerning comfort, elasticity, stability and preservation during the time of such characteristics.

From the beginning we renounced economic products to address our strengths to have a reduced but extremely specialized handicraft organisation, to ensure the careful and faultless realisation of every single product of our two line of product, Classical, which come form the reinterpretation and actualisation of classical sofas, and Contemporary.

Nowadays Kaoma Italia , with a consolidated market, is pleased to thank its customers to have shared this choice.
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