Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG
Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG

Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG

Manufacturers from P.O. Box 10 05 20 , Kempen, Germany
In 1970 Werner Peters took over the Niederrheinische Lackfabrik, founded in Krefeld in 1927, and specialized the company in "special lacquers for electronics".

In 1984 the company changed its name to Lackwerke Peters GmbH + Co KG and moved from Krefeld to Kempen.

In 1990 Peters Engineering für Elektroniklacke GmbH + Co KG was founded, with the intention to offer an harmonized concept of "lacquer and machine" from one source to the customers of Lackwerke Peters.

In 1996 Peters Research für Elektroniklacke GmbH + Co KG was spun off. It develops electronic lacquers for circuit printing as well as coating materials for the electronics/electrical engineering industries and provides the formulations to Lackwerke Peters that manufactures the products and distributes them worldwide.

Since 1996 the company group has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 / ISO 9001, which additionally stresses its aim for high-quality products, highest delivery consistency and product development tailored to the customers'/market's needs.

While in 1970 work was done by a "small circle" of five people meanwhile approx. 160 staff members in our family owned concern and 65 foreign agencies are committed to serving more than 3,500 customers worldwide.