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Immediately after their carpentry apprenticeship in Cologne he went both to the design study abroad to learn new ways of thinking and ways of working: Svenja Garbers to Florence Henri Garbers first to London and later also to Florence. Inspired by Italian design style and the sovereign-dissolved operation, both left in 2001 settled in Milan to cooperate there with big companies like IKEA, SieMatic and Emmelunga. Their vision was already at that time to further develop traditional handicrafts in a new design. A country practiced on both a magical attraction from: China - a country of extreme contrasts, between many thousands of years of tradition and hyper modernity. In Beijing, they developed from 2006 in their own design office lasfera room concepts for private individuals as well as for international companies such as Volkswagen, Siemens and global Chinese corporations.
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Frankenstr. 55, Cologne, Germany

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