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Our company began operationing in 1986 by the initiative of Joan Casas Bosch.In the beginning it is dedicated to work and offer diverse services related to glass from windows placements to stained glass restorations.

In 1992, the company was able to make a significant leap through the marketing and sale of its products in Saudi Arabia. It worked with engravings in acid, mirrors with gold threads, etc.

Until 2002 it remained at this market achieving significant sales volumes, enabling a strong growth of the company. Due to the Gulf War, Saudi Arabia’s market was closed, and Vitrallart opened new markets , settling in the industrial sector. Among the main customers we could find KETAL, SONY, PHILIPS, etc.

In 2005, after much research, create and innovate, emerged LEDGLASS, product of which the patent was requested and granted at 2008. At 2011 was requested and patented a LEDGLASS improved technique, the Lighting-LEDGLASS. Given the strong economic crisis and the drastic reduction in industrial demand, Vitrallart decided to settle in the decoration market offering products made with LEDGLASS (name of the current company) and Lightinglass techniques. Currently, the company offers architectural lighting projects, integrating LED light on the glass, achieving a great visual impact on their projects. Among many other applications we can highlight the railings, floors, stairways, room dividers, mirrors, curtain walls, etc.
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