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The history of Leolux

In 1934, the Zuid-Nederlandse Clubmeubelfabriek (ZNC) is founded, a factory that will be later become famous as Leolux.
In 1948, the brothers Jan and Ton Sanders buy the little factory that builds classic furniture. A few years later, they decide on a more modern line influenced by Danish and Italian design. This modern furniture is given the name of Leolux: the luxury (modern) furniture from the factory with the lion (Leo) in its logo.

The first Design Center

In 1964, Leolux establishes a “showroom” of its own in the heart of the Netherlands. Leolux becomes a household name and a serious player in the modern furniture market.
In 1981, the next generation takes over the helm: Jeroen Sanders and Johan van Beek form the new board of directors. Their course is based on the notions of their predecessors, albeit with an interpretation entirely of their own.

The second generation
Leolux acquires a familiar face: the furniture is striking and distinctive in colour, quality and comfort. Advertisements, photography and trade fair booths stand out from the norm. The company extends its sphere of work and grows strongly based on the know-how and expertise built up.

Technical lead
Innovation and functionality are becoming ever more important. Electronics enter the world of furniture design. In 1997, Leolux working together with Philips realises "Plugged Furniture", furniture and audio-visual system in one. In the same period, Leolux presents the first electrically adjustable sofas and armchairs.

A new millennium
The new century has seen a turbulent beginning. After a strong start, the economy takes a turn for the worse and Leolux has to set all the sails. What began with an overheated economy where the sky was the limit comes to an abrupt end on 11 September 2001. Leolux decides not to play safe and relies on its creativity to turn the tide.

A totally new concept is realised in annuals, design centers, photography and architecture. “The world full of beauty and the special” make sure that Leolux focuses the attention on itself. The owners are meanwhile working on their successors, and at the end of 2004, Johan van Beek relinquishes his tasks as Director, Jeroen Sanders withdraws behind the scenes with effect from 2009. But before that happens, they realise their dream: the Via Creandi visitors centre opens its doors in a new architect-designed building.

The new management starts working energetically on a business that is meanwhile 75 years old and has set itself the goal of making the world of seating a little more beautiful step by step.

That the plan works is apparent in the design awards presented year after year to the distinctive Leolux products. With the core values of the family business as top priority, the new management chooses its own ambitious design goals: strong growth for Leolux in the core countries and world cities, with authenticity, tradition and innovation as the key weapons.
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