Massimo Ligeri Marmi
Massimo Ligeri Marmi

Massimo Ligeri Marmi

Manufacturers from via Settequartieri, 57 , ISLAND ORTONOVO, Italy
For many years, thanks to the old and wise tradition of craftsmanship, Italy, and in particular Carrara, represent the most qualified reference point for anyone who is a fan or works in the field of ornamental stones. And 'This is the context in which, a few years ago, was born and has developed a production reality what is MLM in what is now the economists would call a perfect example of highly specialized industrial district stands today on the Apuan-Versilia where the products are tested and processed geographic area of ​​a few square kilometers of all the quarries of the globe, and where they are invented, modified, improved, machinery for their transformation. The MLM well represents this reality. The raw materials are selected since the original quarry, purchased and imported directly, stored in our warehouses waiting for their use. Constant research, kept alive with the passing of the years, has brought the MLM to acquire exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights of marbles, granites and stones of exceptional beauty and purity, it can even count, since 1997, of exploitation concessions deposits of rare antique marbles on the French side of the pyrenees mountains. Our ongoing commitment is rewarded on a daily basis by the loyalty of over 1000 Italian and foreign designers and manufacturers, always looking for new and competitive products.

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