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Matrix International

Manufacturers from Largo Friuli 2 - Loc. Fosci, Poggibonsi, Italy
Matrix was established in 1984 and created –through two decades– one of the most fascinating design classics collection, which the company produces and distributes across the world.

Matrix has contributed to make these products known and accessible to a wide range of people when rediscovery and new interpretations – not appropriate at all times – which have turned the concept of home, a never fully understood concept, into stereotypes, were brought about following a long period of oblivion.

A daily confrontation with the technical and formal excellence of these products has driven Matrix to focus on “doing things the right way”: this factor has allowed Matrix to attain high quality standards based on experience and skills in ironworking, woodworking, padding and upholstery, successfully used in The Ultimate Collection product line, a new proposal of furnishing solutions for contemporary living space.

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