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We are an online art and product design gallery.

Matter of Stuff is fruit of a collaboration between London based architects and designers Sofia and Simona.

WHAT we believe

We believe in the power of crafts and the act of making.

We want to use the new technologies available to bring art, crafts and design into everyday life in a way that people can relate to, rediscovering the collective imaginary.

We think that art has the opportunity to finally become something that can be engaging and celebrate particular events of our daily life.

WHAT we do

Matter Of Stuff offers a display window and a selling platform for the finest artists, designers and fabricators around the globe who engage playfully with the available methods of productions

We offer the following services:

- We select and sell art and design on demand. Check out our shop!

- We give the chance to artists and manufacturers to reach a wider market.

- We explain the process of making behind objects to a wider public through our blog.

- We promote our artists through Matter Of Stuff and give them a profile with selected items not strictly on sale and explain their visions. Artist, designers and fabricators can contact us and propose us an interview on what they do.

OUR VALUES in the world out there

Founded by designers and architects, Matter of Stuff knows about the importance of people behind the products we sell.

Enormous amount of time, knowledge and expertise is spent in the developing a finished product, on the sides of artists, designers and fabricators.

We set up Matter of Stuff with a true vision: a platform where to share knowledge and passion behind the materiality of each objects of art and design that we sell.

We are interested in transforming the process of making into a much easier thing, and into creating interactions between different parties along the process.