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Atelier Mo.Ba. is a new company founded in the Province of Como in 2010 by siblings Lidia and Luca Bazzi who come from a long line of classic furniture makers.
The company’s name and logo immediately hint at the philosophy that drives the business: the term Atelier, borrowed from the high fashion industry, reflects the company’s ability to produce tailored products that are made-to-measure for the client and their requirements; the strong and unconventional image of the fly symbolises its desire to break the mould; the name of the company, written in an Art Deco-inspired font,
emphasises the link with the past and the value of tradition.
The combination of contrasting elements, which become complementary and synergic, also echoes the personalities of the Bazzi siblings: Lidia is the company’s art director and interior stylist. She is a close observer of new trends and combines research and her eye for detail with a passion for exquisite materials.
Her creativity can be seen in her original style, distinctive for its sophisticated combinations and blends of apparently contrasting elements.
Luca, architect and designer, loves to focus on the choice of raw materials and their tactile and sensory elegance in his design work. His projects are based on the multiple possibilities that a material can offer depending on the processing techniques that are chosen. It is possible to perceive a tension between the past and the future in his creations, as well as a strong desire to make the individual items part of a story. He
is the designer of the Atelier Mo.Ba. collection.
The creative union of the siblings has translated into a dynamic and original company, where in-depth knowledge of the classical style is combined with a passion for design, minimalist forms and rigorous geometries in the quest for new languages of expression. This stylistic choice becomes a recipe for excellence thanks to another triumphant combination: an artisanal obsession for details and finishes with
cutting-edge processing techniques. Skilled craftsmen, ebony workers, woodcarvers, and experts in the processing of glass, fabrics, leathers and metals: these are the Italian artisans that enrich every object “Made in Italy” with exclusive detailing, which immediately becomes the hallmark of the Atelier Mo.Ba. collection.
Tables, bookshelves, containers, consoles, armchairs, sofas and wood panelling are enriched with inlays, trimmings, engravings, inserts and sculpted elements that transform every piece into a work of great value.
The preferred materials range from finest ebony, rosewood, mother of pearl and silver to the more traditional oak, ash, olive wood and glass, which are complemented by the original use of materials such as copper and plaster to produce a collection of furniture for true connoisseurs, crafted with artisanal expertise and great originality.
The products in the Atelier Mo.Ba. collection are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the solutions offered by the company: as well as personalising all products according to the requirements of the customer, Atelier Mo.Ba. is also able to completely fit out homes, hotels and luxury residences. From furniture and wood panelling to walk-in wardrobes, doors, bedrooms and upholstery, Atelier Mo.Ba is a genuine luxury tailor’s where everything is made-to-measure for the customer.
Atelier Mo.Ba. has a strong international outlook and sells its products and interior design projects all over the world.
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