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With na ever greater focus on the development of its capacity and capabilities, MOVECHO nurtures a culture of innovation and creativity known as product engineering.

MOVECHO is a Portuguese-Swiss company established in Nelas, Portugal, in 1989. It includes a cutting edge industrial unit with nearly 16.000m2 and over 170 workers. These workers have at their disposal the latest technology and are distributed among areas such as project development, design, product engineering, manufacturing, marketing and installation.

MOVECHO aims to entice the industry. It is a restless brand that intends to shake the status quo, questioning the established ideas, materials used, oiled processes and final products.

This stance has a reason of being – MOVECHO wants to be the best. It wants to do the best. To push past the limits and test its determination. MOVECHO believes that this is the only way to prove its character. Only this way, will it show what it is made of.

Focusing more and more on its in-house capacity – a result of constant investment and technological evolution – MOVECHO fosters an assertive culture of innovation and delivers value to the customer. Thus, it guarantees quick and flexible answers, always delivering differentiated and customized products and services developed so as to surpass the highest expectations.

In-house design and development of renowned and award-winning brand furniture, environments and facilities.
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