NEO design studios
NEO design studios

NEO design studios

Designers from Wiener Platz 2, Köln, Germany

Neo Design is a design studio established late 2005 by the Portuguese Industrial Designer Rodrigo Vairinhos in Witten, Germany.
From a former studio, this institution became what it is today the brand NEO.

NEO’s design philosophy aims in creating a concept of everyday products with a strong character, whose design language(s) and quality are clearly seen on the creations of the creative director, the designer Rodrigo Vairinhos.

Those creations unify functionality and aesthetics and they feature multifunctionality without lacking elegance and freshness that mirrors at best our contemporary panorama.

NEO’s product development constantly happens in order to satisfy the needs of the contemporary user whose expectations go beyond the traditional “parameters” appealing for “style” and quality at all levels. That's the reason why NEO maintains a constant commitment to research, innovation and internationalism because it's crucial to transmit “industrial culture” and development these days.

NEO experiments as well new ways of communication, exploring new design directions with projects concerning the web, by the exploration of the new opportunities offered by interactive media, visual/graphic design and interiors, approaching different languages, targeting different cultures, backgrounds and different attitudes.
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