Manufacturers from Hafenstrasse 15b, HANAU, Germany
The best ideas are often simple, and it was just such an idea that came to the mind of a Swabian plumber in the early 2000s. For a long time he had been annoyed by the lack of a strong, quick, clean alternative to drilling for attaching objects to high-quality surfaces like tile or natural stone. Above all, he wanted a method that was reversible – anyone who has seen a bathroom wall riddled with holes can appreciate that.

He considered the enormously strong, elastic and non-rotting single-component adhesives employed in the aircraft and automotive industries and thought there must be some way to put them to use in the building trades and home repairs. Up to that time, they had not been used because hardening took too long and the adhesive had to stay in contact with the air, making it impossible to achieve a bond through brief application of pressure. His simple, but ingenious idea: use an adapter to mediate between the adhesive and the object to be attached! The adapter would have to let air through and be very rugged. And to be universally applicable it would have to have standard internal threads, screws or bolts.

In November 2005, the newly founded nie wieder bohren ag bought all ríghts in the new hole-free attachment technology. The new company - with a financially strong investor in the background - has since taken on the task of developing the technology further, developing the many potential applications of the technology and marketing it internationally.

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