Pop-up dom
Pop-up dom

Pop-up dom

Manufacturers from N/A, N/A, Slovenia
Pop-up dom is a community project based on the initiative of young Slovenian designers, architects and artists. The initiative has occurred due to a lack of job opportunities for young Slovenian creative. With the community project Pop-up dom, which we present for the second time, we want to generate new business and employment opportunities.

For the period of one month, an abandoned office in former tobacco factory in the city centre of Ljubljana is transformed into a showroom of designer furniture and products. More than 100 authors are co-creating a coworking area, where young professionals from different backgrounds work together and connect in informal way. More than 260 products are temporary on sale – you can buy the chair you sit on, or the coffee mug you drink from.

Join various workshops such as Pop-up Fablab, Creative Lab, Crowdfunding Lab, or get some proper advice in accounting, legal and architectural consultancies. A wide range of quality lectures and cultural events will be performed. Webpage is keeping you informed - join us or simply drop by to work.
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N/A, N/A, Slovenia

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