Manufacturers from Kayseri, Kocasinan/Kayseri Province, Turkey
Rafevi is established as a design-oriented furniture brand aiming to attract attention with its elegant and innovative designs by Tamada Furniture which continues its production activities in the field of modular furniture. Rafevi has a common "leadership" mission with Tamada brand and aims to become a leading brand in the category of complementary furniture.

Rafevi will be in a line that determines trends and does not follow the trends in the market with its design power.

The Rafevi brand's relationship with its users and its perspective on the product are quite different. Rafevi sees every product that it designs as small but important excuses that can make the user happy. Each product designed with passion in Rafevi studios is intended to create enjoyable experiences.

Rafevi has always adopted a brand with strong emotional ties to its user and will never be in an ordinary customer-seller relationship with its user. The little smiles that we will create on the face of a Rafevi user will be the greatest motivation source for us.

Rafevi designs exclusive products that will make the user feel special. This privilege aims to have more people with products that we offer from a much more accessible price, not just a small segment.

Day by day increasing product diversity and our wish to please you with our design ...

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