Recticel Insulation
Recticel Insulation

Recticel Insulation

Manufacturers from Zuidstraat 15, WEVELGEM, Belgium
Recticel Insulation is part of a Belgian group with a strong European perspective, having more than 100 establishments spread over 27 countries.

With the motto A passion for comfort, Recticel aspires to make an essential difference in the daily comfort of every individual with its polyurethane foam products. Recticel attaches much importance to innovation and technical progress. As a result, the group’s products are used in an increasing number of new and existing applications. Recticel does not only produce foam seat fillings, matrasses and slats of top brands, but also qualitative insulation products, interior comfort for cars and all sorts of products for industrial and domestic applications.
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Recticel Insulation WEVELGEM Headquarters
+32 56438934
Zuidstraat 15, WEVELGEM, Belgium
Recticel Insulation
+32 56 43 89 42
Tramstraat 6, WEVELGEM, Belgium
Recticel Insulation
33 145192200
7 Rue du Fossé Blanc Bât C2, GENNEVILLIERS CEDEX, France

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