Sérénité Luxury Monaco
Sérénité Luxury Monaco
Sérénité Luxury Monaco

Sérénité Luxury Monaco

Manufacturers from 27 boulevard d Italie, 98000 Monaco, Monaco
Creator and manufacturer of high-end furniture for indoors and outdoors, Sérénité Luxury Monaco takes advantage of its location in of one of the most iconic and prestigious cities of the French Riviera, Monaco Monte-Carlo.
The top-quality products carefully selected by our team with impeccable finishes have made a reputation for the brand. Our expertise in the ongoing development of new products provides you with all the most resistant and stylish furniture along with bespoke decoration solutions for your projects.
The design concepts are developed in order to enable significant use of high performance material and technical innovations that ensures a long furniture life: bad weather and UV insensitivity, tensile strength, resistance to chemicals and staining, long-term color stability speak for the quality of our products.
Our brand also assists its clients in defining their design concept and optimizing the use of products to enhance their life, your customer image, but also the comfort and well-being of users.
The experienced team of Sérénité Luxury Monaco intervenes from trends consultancy and creating furniture up to the definition and management of your new decoration. We also set up a comprehensive customer support in furnishing and decorating, creating your customized furniture as well as in terms of organizing your space.

Sérénité Luxury Monaco works with the highest accuracy and requirement for the implementation of large decoration projects and helps leading luxury brands today.

A Unique Service.
Above everything else comes service. Identical to the most renowned jewelers, SLM offers customized creations SLM assist its clients in the development stage of their project. «To better communicate with our clients we work with them from beginning to end.» Plans for the feel and layout, sketches and 3D models for space and accessories will help define the project’s objectives and the space constraints and will be used at the time of delivery and installation. SLM handles each project in an integrated way thanks to its research team composed of designers and engineers and its partnering with manufacturers, suppliers and specialized artisans.Quality first.
With a wide range of materials specifically designed for intensive use, SLM positions itself as a provider of high-end products offering exquisitely manufactured pieces using high quality and robust materials. “Every day we search for new and unusual materials and we constantly innovate to satisfy our clientele”. In the manufacturers’ labs, samples of raw materials are tested and subjected to a
battery of drastic tests. They are tested for resistance to climates, humidity, UVs,salt water, chemicals, and wear and tear. All damages due to intensive daily use are taken into account when selecting material and design.
The raw materials, textiles, wood, metal, leather are imported from the most reliable, quality-conscious and recognized
suppliers. Production is based in countries with the most experience and expertise in the industry.

By choosing to work with partners based on their know-how and the quality of their work there is assurance of being satisfied with the details of each piece of furniture.
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