SLOWD s.r.l.
SLOWD s.r.l.

SLOWD s.r.l.

Manufacturers from via Anacarsi Nardi, 12, Modena , Italy
Slow/d is a platform for real Zero-Mile Design, creating a diffused production system drawing on the talent of emerging designers and the quality of crafts companies. It’s a project that makes possible to turn projects into profits, broadening business horizons for SMEs and providing the final user with a highly innovative product.

Slow/d was founded in 2011, on the basis of an idea had by Andrea Cattabriga and Sebastiano Longaretti, and is a business idea that aims to satisfy at the same time the needs of emerging designers and skilled artisans and the demand for quality products at an accessible price for the final user. The key to this is the “diffused-factory” model: a network of skilled crafts companies which may be called upon at any time, everywhere in the world.

Slow/d is now nominated for the next Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI, the most prestigious international award in design.
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