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Sontay’s Mission
Sontay is renowned for providing the HVAC industry with high quality and reliable field peripheral devices for the sensing, measurement and control of intelligent buildings.

Our mission is to commit ourselves to continuous improvement in every aspect of our organisation. Customers come first and are the most important factor in our business.

Competitive pricing, excellent customer service and technical support plus a 3 year product warranty all demonstrate our commitment to the customer experience. Continuous innovation, investment in research and development, quality, our employees and customers together make us who we are.

The Sontay difference…

Why is Sontay a market leader in the control peripheral field?
Sontay leads the way with innovation and technical advancements by investing in research and development. Technology is forever moving forward and the Sontay product development team work hard to ensure our products incorporate the latest methods to ensure they offer high accuracy and reliability at a competitive price.

How do Sontay offer a flexible and bespoke service?
Many of our products have been cleverly designed to be able to offer different variations which can be quickly and easily programmed in our factory. This ensures that we can offer the exact sensor options required for the customer’s application with a fast turnaround. Our factory is also well equipped to handle orders of bespoke products such as our UI-500 range where customers can specify the finish and functionality of their required sensor.

What other benefits can Sontay offer?
Through keen purchasing and lean manufacturing Sontay can offer reliable and robust products built from the highest quality materials which are sourced at the most economic price. This allows us to offer the most sophisticated products on the market at an extremely competitive price.

The Sontay website has a wealth of handy tools for calculating, specifying and selecting field control devices. Within the Support section you will find tools for calculations and conversions as well as valve sizing. There is also our range of product datasheets and training videos.
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