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The history of Technogel® began in 1990 with Royal Medica. At that time, Bayer MaterialScience used the gel for a limited production of anti-decubitus cushions for long-stay patients. The Company im- mediately understood the potential of the material and together with the expertise of the “Istituto di Bioingegneria del Politecnico di Milano” (Milan Polytechnic Bio- engineering Institute) designed an anti- decubitus cushion with special geometric features that exploited the elasto-mechanical properties of the gel to the utmost. In a short period of time, a complete range of cushions for wheelchairs, pads for operating theatres and various supports for disabled persons, enhanced the product offering making Royal Medica a well known producer in the sector. Following its success in the medical field, the company decided, in 1997, to broaden its application’s range, of comfort products with Gel, in other seating environments, entering the office furniture market; the company started producing seat cushions, armrests and ergonomic accessories for personal computers. Next it diversified into the world of walking, producing inserts and insoles for footwear producers.

In 1998, Royal Medica entered into joint-venture with Otto Bock GmbH. This joint venture was called Technogel.
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