Triple+ Ltd.
Triple+ Ltd.

Triple+ Ltd.

Manufacturers from 5 Hamada St, Yokneam, Israel
Triple+ is an innovative and leading manufacturer and marketer of products and services within the IoT (Internet of Things) arena. Triple+ offers solutions for averting property damage, injury and financial losses due to gas and water leaks.

Triple+ broad product and service portfolio are designed for use in residential and commercial environment.

The company’s line of products is based on its own proprietary technologies, includes automatically shut off water and gas valves whenever risky events such as leaks are detected or when people leave buildings unattended. We help home and business owners to increase operational efficiencies, improve customer safety and prevent damages.

When you invest in your water and gas infrastructure, innovation really matters, from the products themselves to the people behind them. We offer solutions for the professional installers using rock solid materials and ground-breaking technology.

Our team knows the industry from the inside out, and provides end-to-end services.
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