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Tulli Zuccari

Manufacturers from Zona Industriale, Bevagna, Italy

For its furniture, Tulli Zuccari prevalently uses birch multilayer plywood panels, which provide excellent characteristics in terms of durability over time in humid environments. Cutting, shaping, curving, veneering and surface finishing in lacquer and aniline paint are carried out in-house, fully respecting the Tulli Zuccari “Made in Italy ” tradition.

The use of glass has become increasingly more important in the bathroom sector. Since 2004, Tulli Zuccari has been processing this material in-house to create mirrors, storage units, washbasins and objects, and particularly the tops with integrated basin lacquered in the 48 colours of the catalogue.


1963 /1979
Right from the first years of business, Tulli Zuccari distinghuished itself with its sophisticated products and its specific regards for the use of innovative material. Ciarly becomes the most representative piece in the catalogue

1980 /1999
In this period polyurethane becomes the single most used material for the creation of the storage units, and Lavandone is the most recognized product. In the 1980's numerous accessory series are created with a classic look, including Trevi, Excelsior, Assisi and Roma, while in the 1990's the accessories take on more minimalist forms with Cono, Squadra and Dora.

2000 /2004
Roberto Giacomucci design "Bignè", a single-piece unit with soft forms, while designer Piet Billikens gives his name to the Tesa collections with their elegant, minimalist and linear forms. Estesa and Essence are characterized by very thick tops. Whit Ara the modern wall console takes on a new charater proposed in numerous colour solutions.

Collaborations begins with Emanuele Montanelli, who design the modular Amorgòs collectiond, the Lelito mirror, which becomes the most popular item of the Tulli Zuccari catalogue, and the Opplà collection of open containers. New colours for the laquers and new recomposed stone and leather materials complete the possibilities for customizing the product.

Collaboation intensifies with Emanuele Montanelli, resulting in the modular Lipsi collection featuring sinous forms and the innovative use of materials; the Atollo and Oboe collections of back-lit mirrors and containers; and the Lelino mirror with thermoformed glass light. The new website also makes its debut to become the preferential comunication channel with the world. Moreover, under the direction of Emanuele Montanelli the Design Department is instituted with the task of carrying out research and development.

At the fair in Frankfurt a neaw creation by Emanuele Montanelli is represented: Amelì, a console in "crystal plant" glass in silver and gold versions. The Design Department redesigns the Svizzera collection, to whitch the Plus and Plana lines, characterized by rigorous and minimalist design, are added. The website gets a makeover and is now dynamic, more versatile, and clearer.

The design and development of new products is in full progress: MARATHI family expands with the H40 and Monolite series.
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