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The Düsseldorf based company ubisys technologies GmbH is manufacturer and supplier of various solutions for intelligent building automation.
This system by ubisys offers smart solutions for intelligent home and building automation.

A highlighted feature of our system being remote management of your property when on the road whilst simultaneously improving security.
Another remarkable feature of ubisys Smart Home - it helps cutting down on costs by optimizing overall energy efficiency in combination with high sustainability.

All in all this system makes everyday life more comfortable as it allows you to use your conventional switches as well as your mobile phone or tablet.
Have all relevant features of your home at a glance: lighting and shutter controls, heating controls or your alarm system.

Smart Home by ubisys is wireless based (ZigBee) allowing for cost efficient addition of components – no additional power lines required.

ubisys is also manufacturer and provider of certified ZigBee 2015 stacks that meet the highest standards of safety and reliability, providing the foundation of ZigBee 3.0

ubisys Smart Home: Innovative building automation – even while on the go
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