Ulivi Salotti
Ulivi Salotti

Ulivi Salotti

Manufacturers from Via Etruria, 22 , Cascina , Italy
Founded in 1972, Olive trees is now a market leader in the production of sofas and armchairs, while keeping unchanged the artisan spirit that characterizes the company's origins: from one of the oldest regions of Italy, Tuscany, important history and interesting perspective also manufacturing fine.

Leather, leather and wood raw materials from which we derive our experience and that by tradition have become an integral part of the culture that, for over 30 years now, has allowed us to continue on a journey through time and new technologies, revisiting through contemporary design products that are timeless.

Our success is due to the high quality of the materials, the original design, elegant style. A design grew with the company, a concrete example of the right combination of new technologies and changing markets that led us to seek different solutions while maintaining high manufacturing production that is tailored to our origins.

The high quality design expresses uniqueness, sophistication and elegance. These three aspects that characterize the new lines, enriched by precious accessories, combine to place alongside the restyling of historical collections.
Respect for the environment is one of our strengths that allows us to create our products using raw materials and technologies highly ecological and selected. The products are distinguished by the soft lines, rounded, featuring a refined style.
The brand Olives is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of excellence. In recent years we have consolidated our position nationally and internationally, products, modern and innovative, but always with an eye to the past, are exported all over the world. The right mix of tradition and technological design means that our products maintain the charm unchanged. An emotion that is renewed every day with a high-end brands and products inspired by an Italian design.
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Via Etruria, 22 , Cascina , Italy

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