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u::Lux GmbH is the new company name of the former "haber & koenig electronics gmbh", which was established in 2002 by Klaus Haber and Andreas König. The idea of u::Lux was born at the end of 2009. From mid-2010 to mid-2012 the idea was brought to maturity phase. The u::Lux GmbH has set itself the target of the development and production of building automation which fulfil the highest aesthetic and economic requirements. The heart of u::Lux is the u::Lux Switch, for which a patent has been applied. It is an integrated room controller for the entire building technology. The company addresses the field of Building Automation as well as the Smart Home market. u::Lux has been developed at the company's headquarters in Bergheim. All u::Lux products are produced in Austria.

Managing directors are the technical specialists & inventors of the u::Lux Switch Klaus Haber (specialist field hardware) and Andreas König (specialist field software).
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