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Passion, knowledge and art. The brand “Vetrofuso” encloses the alchemic secret of glass, a material which is crystalline and pliable at the same time, while taking inspiration from the process from which glass is originated. To fully express the potential of glass, Vetrofuso relies on ancient glass fusing techniques – already known by Egyptians and Phoenicians. Vetrofuso combines an ancient art with modern taste and creativity, and with tireless research and experimentation. The results are unique design objects, new colorings, and use of new materials – both precious or recycled. A perfect synthesis of tradition and modernity, art and craft, notion and technique.

As a company unique in its genre, Vetrofuso is loyal to tradition starting to the choice of transportation means of its materials. Glass sheets are still carried by boat from Murano, Venice. Murano glass is well-known around the world for its irregular surface, which magnifies the light’s refractions. The idea takes shape in semi-refractory casts – a material similar to clay – which is able to endure to really high temperatures. The mould, in which glass is to be fused, is a piece of art itself – modeled with patience and skills and re-used for only five to six times. Glass sheets are then cut by hand, using a diamond-point glass cutter. Influenced by the artist’s inspiration, each glass sheet is cut differently. Glass is then fused, following precise steps to prevent heat shocks which could result in fatal flaws. The kiln gradually reaches temperatures as high as 850°. Some twenty-four hours are then necessary for the object to cool down.
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