Vito Selma
Vito Selma

Vito Selma

Manufacturers from Don Sergio Suico St, Mandaue City , Philippines
Simplicity is by itself the most complex design. In a time when clutter has become comfortable, a visual noise to hide behind, the bold venture beyond to cleaner, starker strokes.

Simplicity governs Vito Selma's bursts of creativity, and simplicity dictates the complex contours he forms his choice material––wood––into. Unabashed and unafraid to display the nakedness of wood grain and texture, his pieces call to mind the archetypal nudes who stand before artist and audience, showing each curve and crest of their composites.

Art indeed is how this young designer chooses to approach his craft. Rather than express full command over what most perceive simply as means to making furniture, wood occupies a very personal space in his world. He refers to it as his 'partner', implying an equal give and take of complications and accomplishment, a mutual understanding. The result is an unusually reflexive portrait of a boy and his wood: the material seemingly assimilates the literal 'flow' of Vito's creative outputs and his inspirations, as can be found in his tabletops and much-reputed sofas.

When asked the Designer's Question as to how he approaches his profession, there is no philosophising, no deliberate flashing of a resplendent resume. He returns constantly to the word inspiration he takes from his chosen medium–– as an artist to his muse. Flowers bloom abstractedly in mahogany-framed coffee tables. The protrusions of his furniture bases reach out in a reverse simulation of roots.

Despite the singular material with which he devotes himself, one simply cannot help but marvel: "could wood indeed take such a shape?" Each finished product answers this question, and proves it with an aesthetic point.

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