In line with international design trends, since 2004, SNOC has been selecting and importing innovative and functional designs from individual collections all around the world and offering sophisticated outdoor furniture for living spaces. The products designed for a wide audience but tailored solely for SNOC collection, which has a conspicuous effect, carry the spirit of the designer's art from micro-work to holistic harmony that the owner can feel.


SNOC has a vision that seeks to present its outdoor design concept not as 'the outer structure of the house' but as a 'showcase of the world'. The products that added to its collection were carefully selected to not step out of the principles of function, ergonomics, elegance, durability, and integration with the energy of nature. Of course, this sophisticated care corresponds to legibility that can be understood at a glance in your outdoor spaces: with a strong, durable, comfortable, organic, and artistic stance!


SNOC, the representative of boutique collection understanding for living spaces; with its unique and spectacular style, it has a very vast and rich product range with the lounge set, armchair - sofa, dining table, chair, swing - daybed - chaise lounge, coffee table, outdoor trolley, outdoor fireplaces designs. When it comes to outdoor setup, standards and dynamics require a more refined and flawless design principle than indoor furniture. With this awareness, SNOC makes all gardens and outdoor spaces livable throughout all four seasons with its superior quality materials, flawless craft, subtlety in using color theory, artistic appearances, and functional solutions.


SNOC gets inspiration from nature and with respect for it fusing its useability and aesthetics in the same pot while adding the gentle breeze of nature in your outdoor spaces; it manages technology and material following the principle of "permanent innovation" that responds to every need under all conditions. Breathing the creativeness and layers of the design spirit into the refined and professional thinking, SNOC is aware that living spaces cannot be considered independent of humans and nature; and offers the value you deserve to your living spaces, that is, by being around you and always by your side.

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