Surfacing Solution manufactures a complete line of flexible wood tambour panels and wood mosaic tiles


We cater to Architects, Interior Designers, Cabinet Makers, and Millworkers, working on commercial and high end residential applications. 


Tambour - Flexible Wood Panels 

Tambour is a grooved decorative surfacing material available in solid wood, real wood veneers, and metallics. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles both inwards and outwards.Easy panelized installation reduces labor costs and increases install speeds. 

Common applications include, full and accent walls, bar fronts, wall to ceiling transitions, column wraps, reception and boardroom desks, etc.

Forest Elements - Wood Mosaic Wall Tiles 

Mosaic wood tiles are perfect for hospitality, commercial or residential projects.  Available in a variety of geometric patterns and textures. Easy to Install on a solid surface with a standard latex adhesive. All panels are hand assembled and thermally modified.

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