Top 10 office modular sofas

Top 10 office modular sofas
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Modular sofas are typically defined by simple forms and for unrestricted configurability, allowing users to customize for their specific spatial and aesthetic needs with multiple seating modules and types. Straight, curved, angled, corner and ottoman or peninsular elements allow for a range of solutions, from linear versions in compact sizes for use in areas with limited space, to larger and more complex layouts.


Office or commercial sofa collections are often designed for in-between spaces - lobbies, waiting rooms, lounges, break-out areas, open workspaces and mixed-use areas - those that are intended for waiting, meeting, working or resting. Such seating areas are typically shared by colleagues and strangers alike. Some product series designed in particular for shared and semi-public spaces include options for high backrests and wraparound arms that offer privacy and conversation. Such elements can even be configured to create intimate meeting ‘rooms’ within a larger space.


Modular sofas are supplemented with linking elements and can include additional options for armrests, backrests, seat dividers and USB power, lending further versatility to commercial or public spaces.   Modularity not only encourages users to create their own unique configurations, but also to rearrange units over time as their needs evolve. The modular sofa systems listed below are among the most popular on the market:


1. 303 East Wacker Drive Tenant Amenities
photo_credit © Darris Lee Harris Photography
© Darris Lee Harris Photography

SCB was engaged as the interior designer for the repositioning of 303 East Wacker, an office tower located on the Chicago River. The designers were challenged to transform a mechanical space on the 30th floor into a n...

The Yoom lounge collection is defined by its soft, simple forms and unrestricted configurability. Carefully considered proportions and upholstery construction ensure that Yoom offers a highly comfortable sit. Each uph...


2. BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH
photo_credit Jan Kapitän
Jan Kapitän

The right premises were required for the switch from classic work processes to agile working methods, including desk sharing and co-working.

ANDERSSEN & VOLL ON THE DESIGN “Connect is a modular seating system based on the idea of finding perfect proportional connections between the different components of the sofa. The design shows a precise atte...



3. Garage Raw

FLUID SPACES, AGILE WORK, A DIGITAL APPROACH. A HISTORIC BUILDING ENLIVENED WITH COLOURS. “Then to conclude talking to you about Bologna, I can say that people lived there then and always live there harm...

They look for and attract each other. This combination of shapes and colours gives rise to PLUS sofas, a system of modular elements that enhance the character of all community spaces. The profile is soft and the seat...



4. Appartamento FA

For this apartment located in the historic heart of the city of Frascati, in an eighteenth-century building, the most important design challenge was trying to bring together valuable elements already present in the ap...

B&B Italia
It conveys the impression of having been moulded by an artist but actually derives from a study of 3D models and digital research. It seems a monolith that has been shaped by subtraction, rounded and moulded by the de...



photo_credit İbrahim Özbunar
İbrahim Özbunar

Located in Istanbul Beykoz, BETA Office is designed by escapefromsofa in 2020. The one-storied, 700 meter-squared workspace is arranged in open plan.  Defined by glass units on each side, the rectangular...

Vincent Van Duysen continues his research into the world of contemporary living by designing this modular Gregor seating system for Molteni&C. It includes various straight, corner or peninsul...



6. Private Law Firm Offices Frankfurt
photo_credit Lennart Wiedemuth
Lennart Wiedemuth

Studio Katharina Korinth designed the common room in the office of a law firm in Frankfurt am Main. The office is located in the newly built WINX Tower close to Frankfurts famous banking district. The common r...

Ophelis Sum
ophelis sum is a modular seating system for configuring islands within a room. The product concept is based on three core elements: base, partition and cushion.
7. Le Village

DEGW Services - Interior design, fit out, works direction, works of art arrangement   DEGW Italia is a brand of the Group Lombardini22.

Modus MDL



8. Office of New Silk Road E-Commerce Company
photo_credit Tan Xiao
Tan Xiao

In the modern home, colour harmonies which are definitely architectural and yet suited to the natural taste and needs.    Besides a well-known architect, Le Corbusier is also a chromatist. He...

Arper SPA
Kiik’s modular collection of seating, tables, ottomans and consoles has gained even further customization with a series of new options designed for support, privacy, and conversation. Kiik’s elemental forms can be org...



9. Interior Renovation, Tower C, WTC The Hague
photo_credit Eva Bloem
Eva Bloem

The Prinsenhof is a metropolitan, multipurpose building located in het Beatrixkwartier, The Hague. Completed in 2005, this brick-clad complex is composed of a series of towers that house various functions for living...

Arnhem Sofa Modular Couch
De Vorm
Arnhem Sofa is a modular couch for commercial interiors. Available in four different heights, this piece of furniture can be both an inviting lounge couch and a privacy pod. Putting two sofas together creates an intim...
10. Radisson Collection Hotel Palazzo Nani
photo_credit Andrea Martiradonna
Andrea Martiradonna

The historic Palazzo Nani, a 16th century noble building overlooking the Cannaregio Canal in Venice, has become a Radisson Collection 5-star hotel signed by Studio Marco Piva. The new Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazz...

Small tables designed around the classical geometry of the arch, employing from the beginning the disciplined use of the arch to c...



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