Hawkers Store Rome

Hawker’s energy invades Rome

CULDESAC como Arquitectos

Hawkers flagship store in Rome was designed to offer a unique role to its products. Through a lighting concept recovering traditional materials evoking Italian classicism, we developed an unusual space that absorbs the energy that the city radiates during the day to make it shine when it is asleep.



We took the city as the inspiration source to showcase the energy of the brand.

We played with traditional materials commonly used during Italian classicism and merged them with the light, the colours and the physical limits of the space to generate an alternative resemblance of Roman luxury while setting a new point of contact with the customers. 



Light marks the space boundaries encouraging buyers to step into a totally immersive experience led by the key material: the marble.

Like a piece of art, the almost museumlike general lighting adds drama to the displayed products. In parallel, special lighting is directly inserted in the material defining the space; with marble veins filled with a luminescent resin that accumulates sunlight during the day to release it at night; offering perpetual luminescence at all times.


The space is defined by the use of colour in a spontaneous, changing and lively way. An explosion of energy on the mirror friezes occupying the walls displays 3D animations allowing the brand to express and interact with the client. Interactive screens and mirrors blur the spatial limits and provide, alongside the light and the colours, dynamism and personality to the store.


The colour floods the whole environment defining the spirit of the store and creating an envelope that makes customers feel inside a marble glass or a stone pool absorbing the energy that the city radiates during the day to shine through the marble veins when everyone sleeps.

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