THE PASSION FOR THE THINGS THAT MATTER A passion for family, for new ideas for each project that becomes a piece of furniture, for every matter that is transformed into an object, shaken by the wind to the sea and all that is a symbol of a changing reality. This and more animated the human and professional story of Giorgio Cattelan, founder of the Venetian, today a world leader in the production and distribution of home furnishings. youngest of a family of seven children, the son of a well-known carpenter of Thiene, a small town in the province of Vicenza, Giorgio Cattelan has always breathed the scent of wood and cultivated the art of creating furniture. A tradition that continues to this day in five of the seven brothers, but under different skills. CATTELAN ITALY was founded in 1979 from an idea by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, who began to propose small furnishing characterized by the design strength and tactile marble. Tables of different sizes, designed especially for foreign markets. In 1989, to meet the growing market demand, the collection expands with the offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and other complements. Any materials, from wood to glass, from leather to metal, is formed with taste, style and comfort in mind. "Home is the symbol of precious things - he likes to say Giorgio Cattelan - a world where everyone is comfortable in the surrounding elements form and substance. Why the beautiful, to me, is the useful. " THE CONTINUITY OF THE FAMILY In 1995, Lorenzo and Paolo Cattelan, sons of George, come into Company assisting his father in the management of different activities. Lorenzo follows the brand image drawing on the its strong creative spirit. In 2002 he moved to Tuscany, in the Chianti DOCG region, to conduct a 'winery with premium wine and a farmhouse with a centennial farm. With the recent acquisition - January 2011 - ARKETIPO of famous Florentine company, known throughout the world for its prestigious refinement of its products, Cattelan Italy enters the world of upholstery design. Lorenzo and is to be awarded by his father to drive it. Paolo is concerned, since its debut in the Company, the commercial aspect. Deep knowledge of the market, traveling most of the year, both to sustain relationships with top clients, and to experience new countries in economic expansion. Paolo Cattelan is now a key figure in the evolution of trade and production of the Company. A professional growth of quality that he is the protagonist stylistic choices, design and distribution. A BUSINESS WITHOUT BORDERS Today Cattelan Italy is a constantly changing reality. Present in 150 countries around the world, with over 350 stores among the most qualified, the Company Venetian continues to open new markets and consolidate strategic ones. A distribution network without borders that relies on the support of numerous agents that operate with great professionalism in the different continents. Cattelan Italy continues and expands its presence in major international fairs such as Milan, Cologne, Paris, Valencia, Moscow, Kortrijk and more. As main strengths, along with a collection of versatile, functional and above all sold, the decision to invest on the image of their brands. Decision supported by a solid business and strong financial and consolidated. THE VALUE OF THE BRAND Cosi 'form follows function, the mark becomes distinctive lever, the seal that guarantees not only quality, but also authoritative in style choices. To Cattelan Italian way of living and of furnishing born under the sign of spontaneity and sophistication, but is enriched with new values. Design, but not only. Create a lifestyle that more than create functional and beautiful emotions suggested by the research. CATTELAN ITALY charm is essential that is expressed through furniture, accessories, colors not colors, solids as the company's history.
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