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MESH Architectures

MESH Architectures was founded by Eric Liftin in 1997 as a hybrid architectural practice spanning the physical and virtual. MESH has designed a wide range of projects, large and small, residential and commercial. We have also designed many Web sites (they are habitable spaces), sometimes integrating them into architecture. We need to reconceive relationships between people and their environments in the age of the digital network.


We are always exploring new materials and technologies. In New York, where many projects are renovations, we integrate contemporary materials and techniques into old structures without erasing the older construction.  MESH has established a reputation for luminous spaces with new translucent materials.


Along with innovative design goes a dedication to a client-oriented process. Successful projects are always the result of a fruitful collaboration of the client’s desires and the architect’s ingenuity. We put attention to our client’s requirements before style partisanship. This leads to innovative solutions that satisfy the body, spirit, and budget while pleasing the eye.


Homes are like microcosmic urban spaces, a setting for activities and events ranging from solitary meditation to family breakfast to work meetings. We develop new residential concepts and view the connected areas of the home as a stimulating environment for personal and interpersonal exploration and growth.

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