Xinnix Door Systems  Xinnix means ‘I see nothing’ as in Dutch, nix is nothing. You see? Xinnix develops Door Systems which creates the possibility to install a door in a flush way. It doesn’t matter if you ‘pull’ or ‘push’ open the door: it’s always flush on the side you want it to be. Even more important: the door comes without visible frames. Design, functional, technical The range of Xinnix products include design doors, functional doors and X5 pocket sliding doors. Fire doors, acoustic doors, ceiling high doors, double doors, doors with access control: we make everything possible with the same minimal design. Our X5 pocket sliding door systems are available for door leaves up to 3500x3000 mm (11’4"x10’). The pocket contains especially designed elements to make the installation really simple. Height and width are reducible at installation time: avoid mistakes! Xinnix Door Systems offers the adequate solution for every application an interior builder may need. Architects, interior builders and final customers receive the guarantee of a certain final result within the desired delivery terms. By respecting the habits of architects and construction professionals, the Xinnix products are universally applicable. In-house R&D department The know-how of the contemporary hardware in combination with our own R&D department results in innovations that are recognized in different fields of the interior building world in different countries. Year after year, we receive recognitions which are our motivation to continue this road of innovation in order to offer you the nicest range of new products. We have, by far, the simplest products with the best result for new constructions as well as renovation projects. A minimal, timeless, flush finish is guaranteed!

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