Archello Houses of the Month - November 2023
Federico Cairoli

Archello Houses of the Month - November 2023

8 Dec 2023  •  ニュース  •  By Collin Anderson

Archello has selected its Houses of the Month for November 2023. This list showcases the 20 most outstanding projects for private houses uploaded to Archello during the past month, chosen from hundreds received. To be selected, the project must have been completed in the last two years and must include both photos and drawings to provide a full picture of the project's design. The houses listed here are located across 16 countries including Finland, Japan, Spain and the USA. They represent standalone homes, apartments and include new builds as well as renovations and extensions. 


House T (Spain), by XStudio

photo_credit David Rodríguez
David Rodríguez


Places in Karuizawa (Japan), by Takahiro Endo Architects Office

photo_credit Yasuhiro Nakayama
Yasuhiro Nakayama


Element Tremblant (Canada), by Stephane Gaulin-Brown

photo_credit Stephane Gaulin-Brown
Stephane Gaulin-Brown


CLT House (Hungary), by Hello Wood

photo_credit György Palkó
György Palkó


Stepped Loft (UK) by andre kong studio

photo_credit Luke O'Donovan
Luke O'Donovan


RAEM (Chile), by Pezo von Ellrichshausen

photo_credit Pezo von Ellrichshausen
Pezo von Ellrichshausen


Dante House (Brazil), by BLOCO Arquitetos

photo_credit Joana França
Joana França


TM House (Portugal), by Inception Architects Studio

photo_credit Ivo Tavares Studio
Ivo Tavares Studio


ZEN SPACES (India), by Sanjay Puri Architects

photo_credit MR.DINESH MEHTA


Artist's Atelier & Home (Germany) by Stadtmüller.Burkhardt.Graf.Architekten GbR

photo_credit Célia Uhalde
Célia Uhalde


De Chill House (Vietnam) by X11 Design Studio

photo_credit Hoang Le
Hoang Le


Maytue House (Chile), by Juan Carlos Sabbagh Arquitectos

photo_credit Nicolas Saieh
Nicolas Saieh


Vault on Vault (Iran), by KRDS - Kourosh Rafiey Design Studio

photo_credit Mohammad Hassan Etefagh
Mohammad Hassan Etefagh


Villa Koppar (Finland), by Collaboratorio

photo_credit Simone Bossi
Simone Bossi


Liminal House (Canada), by Mcleod Bovell Modern Houses

photo_credit Hufton + Crow
Hufton + Crow


Patio Para Elena (Spain), by Atelier Atlantico

photo_credit Federico Cairoli
Federico Cairoli


Casa Taller (Argentina), by Agustín Berzero architect

photo_credit Federico Cairoli
Federico Cairoli


House in Fujiidera (Japan), by Fujiwaramuro Architects

photo_credit Katsuya. Taira (studioREM)
Katsuya. Taira (studioREM)


Villa Altegg (Switzerland), by Urben Seyboth AG

photo_credit Kuster + Frey
Kuster + Frey