Magnetude® is a patented system for wing-overlapping doors in PVC and aluminum frames.Prevents warping: never again a sticking door, as the outer plate can expand independently of the profile. All components are individually replaceable in case of damage. Invisible attachment of the door handles for improved aesthetics. LED light easy to install and always replaceable. Thermal and acoustic insulation perfectly combinable. Circular: through mechanical assembly, all components of a Magnetude panel are individually recyclable.




No Warping

A glued wing-overlapping panel can be the cause of warping. The outer plate of the door expands, distorting the opening wing. The Magnetude system allows the outer plate to expand independently of the profile. Its effectiveness has been proven not only in daily reality but also through tests at an external surface temperature of 90°C. Remarkable!

Damage? No Problem!

Magnetude offers the advantage that the filling panel can be temporarily installed. The front plate can be easily mounted on the day of delivery by one person without the need for tools! Even if damage occurs later on, all elements (even the glass!) can be easily replaced at any time. There is no need to create a new wing...

Invisible Mounting of Door Handles

Door handles are mounted invisibly by securing them only on the inside of the front plate. This eliminates any visible bolts on the inside of the door. By mounting the handles in this way, there is also no connection between the front skin and the back skin, preventing condensation on the inside and, more importantly, the warping of the door.

Thermal Insulation
A Magnetude panel provides significantly better insulation than traditional panels. Achieving a door with a U-value significantly lower than 1.0 W/m²K is easy with Magnetude. Thermal insulation is determined by the thickness of the sandwich panel, and we recommend opting for the thickest possible filling panel combined with narrow glass beads.

Acoustic Insulation
Magnetude has an air gap between the outer plate and the filling panel. This gap can be filled with sound-absorbing mats (Acoutex). Acoutex is an ecological, reusable product made from recycled cotton. These mats are supplied separately and can be placed between the sandwich panel and the outer plate. Acoutex absorbs ambient noise, reducing airborne noise dispersion (no impact sound insulation).

Burglary Resistance
Even if burglars manage to remove the 2.5mm outer plate, they will be faced with a conventional filling panel firmly secured in the glass rebate with the glass bead. At that point, the door is as burglary-resistant as a normal door with a built-in panel.


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