American International School of Johannesburg

American International School of Johannesburg | Aquatic Center

Flansburgh Architects 建築家 として

As part of the master plan prepared by Flansburgh Architects, the new 15,000-sf Aquatic Center features a 6-lane, 82-foot pool with an additional shallow teaching pool as well as enclosed changing areas, office areas, storage space, and mechanical room. This naturally ventilated outdoor pavilion was completed in the Fall of 2012.

Tubular steel framing system minimizes the depth of the steel and incorporates lateral bracing seamlessly into the span. Solar hot water piping is installed on the roof. Louvers modulate daylight and protect from the rain. The skylights are staggered. They are corrugated acrylic in standard panel width, which makes them a cost-effective solution.

Fabric panels at each end of the structure modulate the air flow, preventing a wind tunnel effect. The combination of the fabric panels, the acrylic skylights, and the louvers minimizes glare in the pool, creating a gentle dappled light. A simple palette of white and light gray with local stone at the entry simulates an outdoor environment.

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