Carmel Mid-Century LEED
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NanaWall Door used in the master bedroomNanaWall
Outdoor pathwayB-K Lighting
Aluminum Windows used throughout the homeBlomberg Windows
Home control systemControl 4
Lighting Designer/ConsultantOHM Lighting

NanaWall Door used in the master bedroom
NanaWall さんの
Outdoor pathway
B-K Lighting さんの
Aluminum Windows used throughout the home
Blomberg Windows さんの
Home control system
Control 4 さんの
Myson さんの
Lighting Designer/Consultant
OHM Lighting さんの

Carmel Mid-Century LEED

Studio Schicketanz 建築家 として

The goal of this project was to update an existing mid-century home in Carmel and add a bedroom without increasing the footprint of the building. As we brought the home to a 21st century building shell and updated engineering and mechanical standards, we wanted to pursue all feasible energy savings and achieve the highest possible LEED rating.

By removing one bay of the existing two-car garage and demolishing a mechanical room in the center of the home, we were able to create an extra bedroom and add additional circulation to the floor plan. The hall bath now serves the additional bedroom and also acts as a powder room for visitors. The existing kitchen was in need of added space and storage. By extending the kitchen into a small hallway adjacent to the kitchen we were able to add generous storage space while keeping the openness in the adjacent living and dining areas. The retractable roof above the dining room table provides excellent ventilation and allows for an outdoor dining experience without walking outside. The comfort of the home was greatly improved with the addition of dual-glazed windows, cementitious siding, hydronic heat and newly insulated walls and roof. These changes along with the addition of a 3.4kw PV system realize substantial energy savings and resulted in the first LEED platinum project in Carmel.

We are proud to demonstrate how many small, careful interventions can provide all of the modern comforts while preserving a home built of simple wood stud construction over 50 years ago.

Material Used :

1. NanaWall Door used in the master bedroom

2. Blomberg Aluminum Windows used throughout the home

3. Myson Fans

4. Soil Retention drivable grass pavers

5. B-K Lighting used at outdoor pathway

6. Real Goods Solar solar array system

7. Rollamatic Roof retractable skylight above dining room

8. Control4 home control system.