ZAA Zanon Architetti Associati 建築家 として

In the green countryside of Treviso, near the Sile river and the Venetian lagoon, is where H- Farm was born: a business and training center geared to innovation through new technologies. The renovation of abandoned farm buildings and the construction of new wooden ones marked the first intervention where today more than five hundred people are living and working. The new expansion, the second phase of the project still in progress, concerns H-Campus, an international education district which will involve students, teachers and professionals: a multitude of people coming towards this evolving place and shaping a new community, giving new life to a forgotten countryside. The main value of this site is the dominant landscape, where the main intent is to establish an architecture complimentary to the nature and the land history. 

In collaboration with RSHP Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

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