House CM

House CM

UAU Collectiv 建築家 として

Concrete sculpture set in the landscape An endless view over the rolling green Haspengouw inspired the dream to create a home sculpted out of concrete, modestly placed in the landscape with a sweeping vista of the surroundings; a monolithic mass, internally and externally created in architectural concrete. Its form geometrically determined, giving rise to unexpected angles and details showcasing constructive and ethical characteristics of the concrete to its maximum. Trigonometry was used as a point of departure in the concept where a square with sides of 26.5 metres was laid out. A diagonal divides the square into 2 triangles; a living area of 340 m2 and an equally big terrace with a swimming pool.

The living area of this single-storey home is deliberately concentrated within this square so that the rest of the property remains “untouched“ and is incorporated into its natural environment. A perpendicular line splits the constructed triangle into a further 2 parts. The right side – the night zone – is fitted with secondary functions. The left side is the living zone and has been left as ‘open’ as possible. The back of the house, or diagonal line, is made entirely out of sliding and fixed glass panels that incorporate the terrace completely into the home, and all adjoining rooms enjoy an uninterrupted view of the landscape. Privacy is ensured by a sloped wall that encloses the terrace and gradually blends into the landscape.

On the one hand concrete was chosen as an honest, durable material and therefore left as visibly exposed as possible. On the other hand concrete was used to create a compact home with long-term, responsible low-energy consumption. The home is architectural concrete cast in situ, an irreversible process, with all the details worked out meticulously beforehand. A good working relationship and open dialogue with the concrete contractor, civil engineering firm and client also added value to the project. Extremely smooth formwork panels were sought for the construction which produced a perfect result. The interior walls and hollow-core slabs were left visible and complimented with a concrete floor and long dining table in the same material. Two domes cast in concrete guide light into the interior. The exterior woodwork is completely concealed behind the concrete, creating a frameless view.

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