Taller Estrella Jafif
LGM Studio

Taller Estrella Jafif

BA Collective Architects, Interior Designer として

Taller Estrella Jafif was designed to accommodate a broad range of disparate, yet simultaneous activities. Located in Lomas, a primarily residential neighborhood on the western side of Mexico City, the project stemmed from a need for a local, kosher, culinary school. From this initial idea, the residence’s program expanded to provide the surrounding community with a venue for small events and gatherings; in addition to offering kosher cooking classes, the space hosts art exhibitions, yoga classes, large catered celebrations, and a variety of other activities allowing the neighbors to stay local rather than travel miles through Mexico City’s protracted traffic.


We grouped complementary program in the three-story volume to facilitate continuous circulation throughout; separate access to each area allows simultaneous and discrete use as needed. Meanwhile, the material palette of the project strikes a balance between achieving an expressive, modern design and a simple backdrop appropriate for any use. Board-formed concrete, exposed beams, and weathered wood floors express the construction technique while emphasizing the double-height scale of the main space. The patterning achieved by the form work, which is carried from outside to inside, is also reflected in the wood doors and interior wood cladding at mezzanine level to provide a continuous motif and is a visual play on the limited palette.

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