The Laken House
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The Laken House

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Sits by a lagoon but in the suburb of Bangkok, this week-end getaway house features a laid-back ambience where the dwellers could be unwinded in its serene settings, away from the busy urban routines. Isolated yet within reach from CBD. The overall layout was mainly organized around this dual aspect quality. The arrival front facing the entry road and the opposite reflecting the water surface in. The 2 main axis of the massing are also perfectly aligned the perfect view angle for any living corners in the residence and the other to the entrance from the main road. This creates interesting twist and interlocking massing articulation.


Space organization are also separated in to 2 main uses, the entertaining ‘public’ wing and the ‘private’ living quarter. Which then expresses in the massing configuration.


Upon arrival, the visitor shall be greeted with a glimpse of the lake which was carefully framed by the space between 2 building masses. Guests are then invited to the guests’ wing while the residents go through another. This split circulation creates independency for these two zones and gives the inhabitants an absolute privacy. Landscape design also enhancing the in-between space in this planning. A water feature was designed to suggest a division between public & private functions, as well as to imply an echo to the lake far beyond. 


On the basin edge, the rooms were placed along to maximize the exposure to the vista and natural ventilation. The large opening allows seamless in and out interconnection to let the resident fully immersed in natural surroundings. 


architect and interior designer

aluminum frameSCHÜCO
Textured paintSKK Kaken
aluminum frame
Textured paint
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